Project Description


To design, build, and test a small autonomous robot under modified SAE Regulations. This means that the robot is capable of traversing a flat surface with walls and obstacles as well as climbing stairs to reach the target location. The robot will consist of an embedded controller, sensors, servos all mounted on a chassis. The controller will drive actuation with the use of servos and shall receive feedback from the sensors to correct its path in the case of an obstacle or traverse a set of stairs to reach its destination.

Performance Requirements

  • Robot will be able to differentiate an obstacle or a boundary and will act accordingly based off of algorithms of code
  • Robot dimensions will meet spec of 7 x 7 x 7 inches.
  • Robot will act completely autonomous without the aid of tethers or human control.
  • Robot will successfully traverse a random generated 3 by 5 grid obstacle course.
  • Robot will be powered by rechargeable power supply.

Competition Layout Examples

Here are two possible mazes that we may encounter during our competition. As you can see one maze will have walls as boundaries and the second maze will also have boundaries but one obstacle in the middle.

Competition Update

Team Bits N Ohms took home first place on competition day. This is the video of our championship run.